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The Different Kinds of Debt

They say money doesn’t buy happiness, which may be true, but money does help us live the lives that we want and need. It helps us have a roof over our head, food on our table, a car to get us to work every day, and the list goes on….

October 29, 2018 Money
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Borrowing With GoDay

Are you looking for fast cash? Look no further than a smart, safe and secure loan with GoDay. Whether you’re looking to get yourself out of a financial bind or help keep you afloat until your next paycheck, GoDay offers payday loans in Canada. Our payday loans are not intended…

September 27, 2018 Life Money Saving
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Digital Deals To Have In Your Pocket

Can you go without an electronic device? Technology has taken over how we basically do everything and that includes us. Look at GoDay for example- we are an online payday loan/short-term lending company who does a majority of our business online. Not to mention you can apply from your computer, smartphone or…

September 17, 2018 Life Money Saving