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Payday Loans in Saskatoon Cash when you need it

Every day people run into unexpected expenses, whether it's a car repair or higher than expected bill at the end of the month. And in a lot of cases these companies aren't very understanding about delaying payment. So, when you need it, GoDay has online payday loans to help you bridge the gap.

GoDay offers online payday loans, in Saskatoon and across the country, that are designed specifically to help you get back on your feet within 24 hours without the hassle of a storefront. GoDay's payday loan process is simple, fast, and straightforward, allowing you to get cash quickly and get back to your life. In some cases we can process your loan in as little as 30 minutes!

Why get a payday loan?

It's always a good idea to think about whether a given loan is a good product for you, and payday loans are no different. Here are a few reasons why getting a payday loan can be the smart thing to do:

We only let you borrow in proportion to your pay cheque. That is, you can't borrow more than you make. This might seem restrictive, but borrowing more than you make is a sure-fire way to get in over your head with debt. believes in responsible lending, we want to get you the cash you need while allowing you enough financially flexibility to pay it back on your next payday.
Online payday loans are straightforward and simple. Instead of printing off documents and bringing them to a bank or storefront lender you can get your loan processed automatically online with little to no hassle. Just fill out an online application and you're ready to go. The fast processing time and approval gets you the money you need on your schedule. You can apply from anywhere you have an internet or mobile connection.
Online payday loans let you borrow what you need. If you only need $100 don't take out a $5000 loan, just borrow $100 from GoDay and once your financial stress has subsided you don't have thousands of additional dollars in debt hanging over your head.
You can use the money on anything you want. We don't ask you what your loan is for and it doesn't affect our decision to lend to you (as long as it's not illegal!). Unlike some installment loan providers that want to know things as specific as whether your loan is for a new refrigerator, we respect our customer's privacy and ability to use their money as they wish.
We are a licensed online payday lender. Make sure you know who you're doing business with and that you can see their licenses on their site before applying (if you haven't seen ours already you can see it by selecting your province from the menu above). Unlicensed lenders have no oversight, meaning they could over charge you or try to take money out of your account without your permission.

With, what you see is what you get. We are transparent with customers from the beginning. We are here to help you get your payday loan cash quickly and regain your financial footing.

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