Looking for a job or career in finance?

If so, you could be our perfect candidate. At GoDay, we give Canadians easy access to fast cash and an outstanding customer experience. How do we do it? We hire the right people.

GoDay employees are skilled and energetic. They enjoy a dynamic, fast-paced environment. They are compassionate, customer-centric individuals who think innovatively when it comes to helping Canadians overcome financial hurdles. Last but not least, they are team players.

We are constantly evolving to better serve our customers. Currently, we are looking for individuals to fill roles in the following departments:

> Customer Service Representative
> Marketing Content Writer
> Business Analyst
> IT Systems Developer

If you're skilled in one of the above areas and believe you have what it takes to help GoDay deliver the best possible customer experience, we want to hear from you. Please email resumes and general career questions to:

[email protected]
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