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5 Ways a Burlington Cash Advance Loan Can Help You

Burlington cash advance loan image of spencer park

A Burlington cash advance loan is a well-known financial product you can use when needed. However, many people don’t recognize why this loan type is often preferrable to other financial options.

Consequently, GoDay is happy to describe 5 ways that a Burlington cash advance loan can be better than other borrowing choices. Once you have the information you need, you can make an informed financial decision.

1.   Handle Emergencies

GoDay’s Burlington cash advance loan offers one of the fastest ways to get money when you’re in a pinch. As a result, you can use one to handle any urgent temporary cash flow shortfall. However, you shouldn’t use a Burlington cash advance loan to repeatedly bridge financial gaps due to poor money management skills.

Nonetheless, when the unexpected occurs, this loan can help. Use our Burlington cash advance loan to do repairs on your car so you can get work. You can also borrow if you need a laptop to earn money. Visit your ailing relative and repay your loan on your next payday.

2.   Understand Costs Without Credit Impact

When you first start the inquiry process with GoDay, we will only ask you for your province. This is so we can immediately determine your estimated costs for your Burlington cash advance loan. Only if you decide you want to move forward will we will ask for your personal data. Use this information to make an informed financial decision without risking your data.

If you’re concerned about your credit, don’t worry. GoDay welcomes all credit scores and our application process does not lower your credit score. Instead, we’ve chosen to use an artificial intelligence assessment and a pre-approval process. Our system looks at many factors and pre-approval ensures your credit score remains untouched.

Consequently, our Burlington cash advance loan is often suitable for many more people. New borrowers, students, pensioners, and people working to restore their credit can often get a Burlington cash advance loan through GoDay. There’s no need for collateral or a co-signer either. If you earn a decent income paid by direct deposit, you could qualify even if you don’t have a long or great credit history.

3.   Save Time

The typical way most people apply for a loan is by visiting a bank, credit union, or a lender’s office. Of course, this means you must take time out of your busy day to make an appointment. If the lender allows drop-ins, chances are you will have to wait.

Even if you have an appointment, you still need to travel to the lender, find parking, and wait until the loan’s officer invites you in. Then you’ll fill out a lengthy application form. It’s not uncommon for a lender to want to know where you worked, banked, or lived over many years. If you’re like many Ontarians, you’ve probably switched jobs, moved, or changed banks at least once or twice over the past five years. Who can remember all that information?

Luckily, you don’t need to deal with any of that when you choose GoDay for your Burlington cash advance loan. Apply at your convenience from any device. GoDay accepts applications 24/7 and conducts the entire lending process online.

Our application form is also short and uncomplicated. It takes most people less than 15-minutes to complete. We can offer this abbreviated application form since we are only interested in where you stand now, not information from years ago.

4.   Avoid Hassle

One of the biggest benefits of our Burlington cash advance loan is that you do not need to provide paperwork. That’s a lot less hassle and certainly more convenient.

What kind of paperwork are we talking about? The first is proof of income. Most lenders want you to dig up old paystubs or get a letter from your employer to confirm how much you earn. This may apply even when you use some online lenders. Instead of dropping the paperwork off at an office, you fax or scan and upload.

Once again, you can avoid all this hassle when you choose GoDay. Our Burlington cash advance loan eliminates the need for faxing, scanning, and uploading. Instead, we utilize digital income verification. This process is safe, fast, and you don’t need to lift a finger.

Additionally, many lenders expect you to go through all this hassle again when it comes to sign your loan contract. They send the paperwork to you, but then you must sign it and fax it or sign it and upload it.

GoDay uses digital contract signing instead. This process protects your sensitive information by using bank-level data encryption. You never need to set foot inside of an office and it makes the lending process much quicker.

5.   Get an Answer & Money Quickly

Choosing the right lender can mean a fast, efficient process or one full of waits. This applies whether you choose an in-person or online lender. Fortunately, GoDay has fined tuned the lending process. From start to finish, we do things quickly.

Once you’ve submitted your application form, you’ll have our decision in minutes. There’s no waiting for a loan’s officer to work their way through their in-box and no painful waits while the lender decides whether you’re creditworthy, or not. You know where you stand so you can get on with your life.

If you’re pre-approved and sign your loan contract during business hours, you could have funds the same day, sometimes within an hour. Otherwise, you should receive your money early the next business day.

GoDay offers direct bank deposit or Interac® Email Money Transfer (conditions apply). For those needing a precise funds release time, our customer service team can provide this information.

GoDay’s Burlington Cash Advance Loan

If you’re still wondering whether GoDay and our Burlington cash advance loan is right for you, here’s a bit more information.

We’re a Licensed Ontario Lender

You might automatically assume all lenders offering a Burlington cash advance loan are licensed. However, that’s not necessarily the case. Even though they are legally required to get an Ontario license, some don’t. Both the Ontario and Canadian governments warn against unlicensed lenders because of the potential for identity theft.

Luckily, GoDay is licensed. You can confirm this on the Government of Ontario website here. Licensing ensures we offer the consumer protections you deserve and we’re accountable for our actions.

We’re Transparent

GoDay is happy to provide you with the basic requirements for our Burlington cash advance loan below:

  • At least 18 years of age
  • Canadian resident
  • Permanent address
  • Active account with a Canadian financial institution with at least three months of transactions
  • Income paid through direct deposit (we consider employment, self-employment, Old Age Security, the Canada Pension Plan, private pensions, and other forms of steady, recurring income)
  • Valid email address
  • Active cellphone or home telephone number
  • Not currently enrolled in an active bankruptcy, consumer proposal, or credit counselling program

Please note that we can’t consider your application if your income source is Employment Insurance or government benefits related to COVID-19.

You Could Qualify for an Installment Loan

When you apply for a Burlington cash advance loan through GoDay, we will automatically review your application to see if you qualify for an installment loan instead. Installment loans offer more time to repay, better terms, and access to more money should you ever borrow again.

We’re Reputable

GoDay is not new to the online lending industry. We have issued loans to Ontarians since 2012 and have over 2,200 customer reviews from actual users on the independent site TrustPilot. Our overall rating is “Excellent”.

Our company is also a proud member of the Canadian Consumer Finance Association, the largest organization governing short-term lenders in the country.

We are also 100% Canadian owned and operated. Our customer service team lives and works here. Consequently, you can expect excellent customer service, whether that be via our toll-free number, chat, email, or website support. We make it very easy to reach out, since we have extended Ontario business hours. If you prefer to look up information yourself, we also offer an in-depth FAQ section on our website.


GoDay’s Burlington cash advance loan is simple, fast, and easy. You can find detailed information on our cash advance loans here, including when one might be appropriate.

Whether you are ready to start the application process or want more information, please visit our website. GoDay is here for you when you need to handle an urgent cash flow problem.

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