Audit’s, Bookkeeping & Credit Ratings

Common Cents Wednesday's: Holiday Edition

In our re-vamped weekly segment, Common Cents Wednesdays, we help explain simple-to -complex financial terms. This week, we’re covering ‘audit’, ‘bookkeeping’ & ‘credit rating’. It might sound like a super dry read, but since you’re in the “Cafe” grab a Timmies doughnut to sweeten the knowledge. We won’t tell. Audit Does this word strike fear […]

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Two Different Guelph “The Cash Store” Break-Ins

Not our typical lengthy post, but we wanted to bring attention to some interesting activity happening in Guelph, ON. According to Guelph police, thieves have used neighbouring businesses to get access to “The Cash Store” retail locations which they robbed; $40,000 at one and $50,000 at the other. Both robberies occurred within a 2-month time […]

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