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Fun Fact Friday – Daily Savings, Food Tips & Forbes Under 30

GoDay.ca Fun Fact Friday

-Did you know if you save the matching dollar amount to each week of the year, you could have $1,378 put away by the end of the year?
Eg: Week 1, save $1. Week 27, save 27$. Week 52, save $52. It might get a bit harder near the end to put away that much money per week, but by that point, you’d have a decent nest egg. Weekly, it breaks down to $26.50 a week for 52 weeks, or $106 a month.

-Want a relatively safe job? Workers in the financial sector have the lowest fatality rate in the working world with .06 deaths per 10,000 workers.

-The first record of a loan ever being given was in Ancient Greece during the 18th Century B.C.

-Make your own hot pad for coffee pots, tea kettles or other hot dishes. Get flat stones from a craft store and super-glue them to a piece of felt. Customized for your own decor and cheaper than store bought.

-Stratford, ON born Justin Beiber earned $55 million between 2011 and 2012. At 18 years of age, Justin is the only male in the top five of the Forbes Under 30 list.

-You can make your own chemical-free room spray with vodka, lemon and orange peels. The alcohol keeps the peels from rotting and pulls out the natural oils.

-Canada no longer produces a $1000 note.

-When watching your portions, “palm-sized” really means only your palm – sans fingers!  This measurement counts in terms of poultry, fish and other meat. Approximate calories per palm serving is 160kj.

-Buh-bye, pennies. As of this moment, pennies are slowly being taken out of the Canadian market. The Royal Canadian mint stopped producing them in fall 2011.

-Too many keys & can’t remember what opens what? Grab some nail polish and paint the tips of each key in a different colour.

-Remember what your Mama told you? Wash your hands after handling money. Why? 42% of bills have nasty bacteria on them.

-Banana’s may be a fruit, but it’s not of it’s own category. A banana tree isn’t actually a tree, but a herb, making the fruit of this giant herb actually a berry.

-Want a delicious cookie cup for fruit or ice cream desserts? Flip your muffin tray over and wrap the dough on the bottom bulges. Cook for half the time. Voila – custom dessert bowls.

-The beaver wasn’t always so respected in Canada. Though we honour it now on our nickels, before we had national notes, beaver pelts were used as currency. Poor little guys.

-Canadians don’t have the luxury of Cocoa Puff Cereal (though we once had it), as it only exists in the US. But, we do get Dill Pickle, All Dressed and Ketchup Lays. Fair trade? We think so.

-The biggest 6/49 lottery jackpot was worth $54.3 million. The lucky winners were a group of gas and oil plant workers in Alberta. Happy Early Retirement!

-A row of corn always has an even number. Try counting an ear some time!

-If you ever get a chance, take a sniff of a brand new coin (plastic gloves on) and a coin in your pocket. Does the one in your pocket have that “typical coin smell” ? That’s because the scent we associate with coins is not from the metal itself, but a reaction when our skin oils decompose on the coins. Brand new coins won’t have this scent.

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