Simple Yet Meaningful Ways To Celebrate Mother’s Day

Mother's Day Title

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Love your mom? Show her in the ways that matter most and are cost-effective as well.

Home Spa Day

Give your mom some much deserved pampering at home! If you’re feeling DIY (and know what you’re doing!) treat your mom to a mani/pedi and a facial, or buy a spa basket in advance so you’re ready to go.  Pick her favourite colours and scents. Go shopping together for the products you’ll need to boost the experience!

A Home Cooked Meal Experience

How many times did mom make your favourite meal when you did well in school, or to cheer you up from a drama-filled high school break up? Return the favour ten-fold by cooking her favourite meal and giving her 5-star service. Starter, Entree, Dessert & After-dinner drink are all mandatory, and don’t let her help! It’s about her today.

Artistic? Express Your Love in a Song, Poem or Painting

Nothing will bring happier tears to your beautiful mom’s eyes than seeing her beloved child than expressing their love for her with their natural talents. She will cherish it forever, just like the painting your did in kindergarden that’s still on her fridge.

Make Sentimental Keepsakes Together

Remember the hand or foot moulds you did as a kid? Make another one, but this time together. Put your left hand in the mould and your mom can put her right hand in.

Get Everyone To Come Home

If it’s been a while since everyone’s been under one roof in your family, then Mother’s Day is the best time to get together. It will remind your mom of your cherished youth. Take the opportunity to all share your favourite stories with your mom that expresses how much you appreciate her in your own different ways.

Small, but Thoughtful Gifts That Pamper Her

Is your mom getting older and could benefit from a heated throw blanket? Are you buying a gift on behalf of your newborn for your young wife, could she use some much-needed alone time? Wherever your mom is in her journey, find the gift that allows her to really put her feet up, feel loved, secured & valued.

Is Mom a Bookworm or Big Music Fan? 

Work with your family to find her Kindle or Itunes wish-list and get as much of it for her as you can afford to. Not only will she be thrilled that you took the time to find her interests, but the surprise element adds a loving touch. Combine the music element into the at-home spa day to really personalize it!

From all of us at, we wish each Mom, whether biological, adopted or loving care-taker, a very happy Mother’s Day. You’re loved year round!



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