Surviving Wedding Season On A Budget

Surviving Wedding Season On A Budget

Surviving Wedding Season On A Budget

Tis the season! And no we’re not talking about the holidays, but it is officially wedding season. And depending on whether you’re the one getting married or just a guest attending the big day, there are plenty of wedding expenses that come with it. Depending on your role within the wedding can also come with further financial responsibilities. This is why we created a go-to guide on how to financially survive wedding seasons for everyone from the plus one to the wedding party.


No matter your role in the wedding, what you’re wearing is something everyone thinks about.  New dresses, suits, matching shoes, and accessories can really add up. That’s why we’re a big fan of recycling when it comes to your ensemble. There are so many ways to beat splurging on an outfit these days, and yes, we’re also talking about wedding dresses too! Why not try revamping something you’ve already work by adding different accessories, borrowing a dress from a friend’s closet or look at second-hand thrift shopping. Not to mention that now there are even places you can “rent dresses” by the day. That’s right you pay a certain price to rent the dress, get all your photos and give it back once you’re done all for a set fee that also usually includes dry-cleaning. Now these options can get tricky if you are a part of the wedding party, but most people understand the costs of these items and will sometimes give you the option to choose your own dress as long as you meet their colour scheme. But if you do have to purchase a suit or dress, there is always the option of selling it after the wedding day for someone else to use and help recoup some of those funds.


When it comes to gifts at the wedding there is always that question of what do you spend? Do you get gifts for the shower and the ceremony? Who writes the rule book when it comes to these things? And if you’re going to multiple weddings in a season those gifts can really add up. As much as we would all love a new BBQ, those don’t come cheap. One of the best tricks we’ve learned after looking at countless registries and only staring at the price tag is why not go in on a wedding gift with someone? It could be one other person or going in on a larger priced item with a group of people helps the bride and groom get that bigger purchase item they were after while saving everyone money.

Wedding Events

Everyone knows there are many events leading up to a wedding that take place. And depending on your role in the wedding you may have to participate in some of them. Engagement photos and parties, wedding showers, bachelor parties, even jack and jills are only some of the events that can take place leading up to the wedding. Now if you’re just a plus one at a wedding, lucky you because you may not have to attend any of these events, but for the friends in the wedding party and family of the bride and groom, these events can add up quickly. So be picky when it comes to these types of things, choose what events are the best fit for you in regards to your relationship with the couple and save yourself some cash. And if you’re the bride and groom, there is no manual that says these are things you have to do before you get married, they are just extra ways to celebrate your big day, so it’s up to you if you want to participate in these kinds of events. Weddings already have a large price tag don’t financially stress yourself out with all of the events leading up to the big day!

What are your money saving tips when it comes to wedding season? Let us know in the comment section below.

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