Save Money on Groceries – Infographic

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and no doubt you will end up with a ton of left-overs! While you will most likely be eating turkey for the following week, you will have other things frozen so they won’t spoil, right?

Smart move, but did you know there are many things you can freeze to save money? How about that carton of milk that’s nearing it’s expiry date? That 5lb bucket of nuts you got on sale at the grocery store? Or those 3 dozen eggs?

Throwing out food is one of the most wasteful things our society is known for, and it’s an enormous waste of money. If you throw out, even on average, $5 worth of food every week, that’s a total of $260 per year in the trash along with it.

Feast your eyes on the infographic below to see if there are things you’re throwing out that you could end up saving! Not only that, there’s nothing stopping you from stocking up on sale items and putting them in the freezer, too!




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