5 Ways To Have An Affordable Halloween – Costume Edition

An Affordable Halloween - Costume Edition - GoDay.ca

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Halloween is a ton of fun, but if you’re on a budget, celebrating in a big way might seem a bit overwhelming. Last week, we covered 5 different affordable ways you could decorate your property for the holiday. But, what about costumes, you might ask? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered there, too.

Dia De Los Muertos

Take your every day clothes, a hat or some flowers for your head and a load of makeup and turn yourself into the walking dead. The great thing about this costume? Wear it for three days in a row, if you’re so obliged! “Day of the Dead” is a holiday that’s celebrated primarily in Mexico, but other countries recognize it as well.
Customize your skeleton face as much as you want. The internet is loaded with inspiration. Click here for some fresh ideas circulating on Pinterest. Make it as elaborate or as simple as you’d like. Just be prepared for the stares in public. Nothing gets more attention on Halloween than looking like you belong in a coffin.

Black & White Photo

Since you already have the white face paint out, grab some temporary black dye for your hair (or a cheap black wig) and put on some formal wear. Presto – it looks like you just walked out of a black and white picture. Make sure to use black makeup for all of your major features (eyebrows and lips especially). Paint your nails black, as well.
If you want to step it up a notch, mix a little bit of blue face paint into your white face paint until it is a soft pastel blue. This will replicate the bluish-grey tones from old photos the best.
Want to get even more creative? Find an old photo of a relative and try to replicate the clothing and hair as best as possible. Print out a copy of the photo and carry it around with you in a picture frame. Bonus points if you look like your relative.

Rosie the Riveter

Have a bandana? Some denim? Some sharp red lipstick? Congratulations – you can become Rosie the Riveter for Halloween. We’re pretty sure it doesn’t get any more simple than that.

Where’s Waldo?

If you have a red and white horizontal striped shirt and blue jeans lying around, you can transform yourself into a male or female version of Waldo. Pick up a pair of black, circle frame plastic glasses from a dollar store and a little red toque (with pom pom of course), and you’re set.

Have A Group? Be a Pop Band

Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, N’Sync, New Kids on the Block – you have endless options here, and all it takes is a trip to the thrift store to find some truly ’90’s clothing. An extension of this idea? Be your favourite singer in their signature style.

From all of us at GoDay.ca, have a safe & happy Halloween! Let us know what your favourite easy and affordable costume ideas are! #godaycostumes

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