Host An Affordable FIFA Party (With Food Suggestions)

FIFA 2014

Do you have FIFA games streaming live in your lunch room? Planning a party to celebrate the “inevitible” win of your favourite team? How about mini-parties along the way? With Canada Day around the corner, it’s a busy time for parties & that can put a bit of a strain on your wallet.

Here are some tips to help keep more of that well-earned rainbow in your pocket and still throw one amazing futbol party.

Dollar Store For Decor

We suggest this a lot, and for obvious reasons. All you have to do is be a bit creative and you’ll find a plethora of themed items (or make your own themed items) for your soccer party. Kind of perfect that it’s summer time, yes? Dollar stores are overflowing with kiddy summer toys; balls of various shapes and colours, floaty toys and the like. If you want bigger centerpiece items, why not pick up small soccer balls from the big wired bins that exist on the end of each isle? Use paint to colour in the white hexagons to represent your favourite FIFA fighting team (or teams). Use stickers, markers, bamboo garden sticks and cheap bandana fabric to craft your own goal posts or flags. Get your streamers, balloons, food trays, napkins & outdoor eat-ware here while you’re at it.

Bulk for Food

Soccer fans are a culture of their own and their food reflects that culture. Are you wanting crowd-pleasing food like wings, chips, beer and the like? Or are you wanting to specialize in cultural food that represents your favourite team? However you choose, buy in bulk. You might have to do a little extra packing and sorting but it’s worth the savings.

Want to really up-the-ante? Check out any candy/chocolate supply shop, or your local Bulk Barn. Chances are you can find chocolate balls wrapped in soccer foil any time of the summer in their seasonal area. Throw those around in the little soccer themed paper bowls you found at the dollar store, and your cuisine will start to come together visually. Speaking of Bulk Barn, you can also find soccer-themed cake trays, icing toppers & cupcake wrappers here year round, aka: without the ridiculous mark-up you might get in other places.

In terms of beer and wine, make sure it’s cold…always. So don’t forget ice in bulk, too.

Here are some ideas for country-specific grub:


Bolinho de Chuva – they’re like our cinnamon Timbits…but way better (sorry, Timmies).
Coxinhas – fried dumplings filled with chicken and catupiry (creamy, delicious cheese).
Pasteis – another friend treat that can be filled with cheese, meat or fish.
Brigadeiro – imagine rolled nutella balls covered in sprinkles. You’re welcome.
Bauru – A sandwich made with mozza cheese, tomatoes, pickled cucumber (not pickles) and roast beef served on a French bun. Another sandwich favourite is Misto Quente, basically a grilled cheese but with ham.


Crostini – top with your favourite cheese, salami and spread
Grissini torinesi – little crispy sticks of gluten. Get them with sesame for an added flavour. Have olive oil near by for dipping.
Almond biscotti’s with lemon gelato – a match made in culinary heaven
Pizza ai quattro formaggi – four cheese pizza all smothered together
Pizza ai funghi e salsicce – pizza with mushrooms and sausage


Crepes – fill them as you wish. Popular fillers are cinnamon sugar, ham & cheese & jam with fruit. Cut into bite-sized pieces.
Croissants – keep them plain but pair with popular traditional French fruits such as apricots, pears, plums and black currants.
Pain au chocolat – essentially a puff chocolate-filled pastry
Far Breton – a flan-style eggs & milk custard cake, filled with raisins or other favourite dried fruits.
Baba Au Rhum – small yeast cake saturated in rum, sometimes filled with whipped cream or pastry cream

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