The 2014 Winter Olympics – How To Celebrate Without Breaking The Bank

The 2014 Winter Olympics – How To Celebrate Without Breaking The Bank | Cash Advance Online

Throwing a Winter Olympics party? Desperately want to support our athletes who are battling it out for gold in Sochi? Don’t have a lot of extra cash floating around to do any of it? Have no fear – we’re the gold medal winners in money saving ideas, here to save the day (we’re like a Canadian Superman).

1. Re-Use Canada Day Decorations

Can we get a collective “DUH”? This one is super simple. If you celebrate our nation’s birthday, chances are you already have the perfect setup for cheering with pure red and white and maple leafs. Even if all you have is a Canadian flag to put outside or hang in your window, our beautiful cloth declaration of freedom and multiculturalism is all you need to show your support. Oh, and hey, we are also in Valentine’s Day season right? There’s even more red and white decor there at your finger tips. Canadian flags AND heart decorations? Oh, Canada!

2. Dig Into The Dollar Store

This is sort of related to #1 (since you most likely found all of your Canada Day decorations at a Dollarama or Dollar Tree) but if your local discount shop is out, they probably have at least part of an isle filled with mini flags, plastic plates, mugs, fuzzy hats, bandanas, key chains, stickers and more. And once again, try the Valentine’s day section!

3. Shop Local. Shop Canadian

If you want to support our Canadians abroad, it can’t hurt to start supporting them at home! If you generally buy your groceries at a big chain, try a local market this weekend instead. Need to shop for a new jacket or some other piece of clothing? Maybe try a local consignment shop instead. Buying local helps keep the money local, and there’s nothing wrong with that! If shopping at home is more your style, check out our infographic that features ecommerce retailers who ship for free (or almost free) to Canada!

4. Indulge In The Stereotypes For a While, Eh?

Yeah yeah, we all wear flannel, work as lumberjacks, live in igloos and drink way too much Tim Horton’s (okay, the latter might be true). We Canadians are known to be extremely friendly, but we’ve also got a load of sass, and nothing says sass than poking fun at yourself just to show how silly the stereotype is. Grab your digital camera, your friends and family, and put together one heck of a picture to post on your social media outlet of choice. Wear the flannel. Put on a furry hat. Grab a hockey stick. Wear a jersey. Hold a cup of Tim’s in one hand and your health card in the other. And if you’ve got as much snow as we have here in Toronto, nature is already giving you the perfect backdrop. So git goin’ der, eh?

5. Put a Flag on Anything & Everything

We already plaster our luggage when we go abroad, so we might as well do it here for a while. We did some web-scowering for you to find the best prices on Canadian flags for your car, your house & your desk at work. If your boss will let you, you might as well paint your face. Your 2 o’clock will be impressed (maybe).

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