Living Within Your Means

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Living within your means? It sounds easy, right? Well, you would be surprised as to how much people are constantly overspending and thinking that things are within their means when they surprisingly aren’t. This is very common when it comes to materialistic goods. Living in a society where the latest gadget is a “must have” and brands have done a very good job at making us feel we “need” these things is one of the ways people are constantly overspending and finding themselves in debt. Are you living within your means? Here are a few ways to stop overspending on things and how you can still have fun without going over budget.

Stop Living In The Moment

A philosophy we all are guilty of, but it can lead to future financial problems. When you’re swiping your credit card and not planning that kind of spending is how you go over budget. It’s one thing to grab a spontaneous coffee, but every day those little things add up and leave you paying for expenses at the end of the month you forgot you even made. Instead, when going out, try and limit your budget and impromptu coffee trips while you’re out. You’ll thank yourself for not having to cover those expenses when your credit card bill arrives.

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Fear Of Missing Out or “fomo”

If there is anyone who understands what it’s like to suffer from “fomo”, it’s us. We want to see and do all as much as the next person. And social media has not helped us when you see what everyone else is doing and posting about, we of course, want to join that conversation. But it’s during times like wanting to do something or eat somewhere because you saw a celebrity post it on social media, is the newest and latest ways retailers have expanded their marketing and advertising tactics. There’s no need to suffer from “fomo” and you should join the party and have fun, but do it on your own accord and within your own budget to create your own experiences.

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 6.32.56 PMWants vs. Needs

Do you know the difference between a financial want and financial need? Financial wants are the items and things we desire, compared to our financial needs which our financial obligations such as bills, debts and everything else life throws at us that we need to pay for. And on top of that we need to be saving! So how do you not go over budget and still but also have enough fun without living paycheck to paycheck? It’s a trick everyone is learning to master, and there are more and more resources out there no matter what your financial responsibilities are. Our favourite trick in the book though is to always keep track, it’s the best way to stay on budget to make sure you’re living within your means and having money for both those financial wants and needs.

Are you living within your means? Or do you suffer from any of the things we mentioned above?



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