Four Ways To Avoid ATM Fees

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We’ve talked about ATM fees and how much they can cost you per month. Why should you have to pay for your own cash? When it comes to ATM fees, there are numerous ways to avoid them. That’s why we created the best of the best tips to make sure you aren’t paying for ATM fees ever again.

Cash Back

Cash back at both grocery stores and places like the LCBO have changed our going out rituals. That’s right in most grocery stores and in the LCBO you can ask for cash back, without having to pay any fees. This is the easiest way to not pay any ATM fees and save cash by being prepared before you go out as it will be something you don’t have to worry about later on.

Banking That Works For You

When it comes to saving money on ATM fees, the first step to doing this is making sure you have convenient banking that works for you is key. Make sure you’re finding a bank within close proximity to your house or work, somewhere you are regularly that you’re bound to pass every day on your path to make sure grabbing cash when you need it is easy, not an inconvenience.

Go Digital

We’re living in technological times! Between things like Apple Pay and now with the big banks also having their own apps, you don’t need a card or cash. That’s right, we’re talking about paying with your mobile device. Digital wallets are a way of the future and there may be no more “forgetting your wallet” excuse anymore.

“Cash is King”

There’s an old saying that “cash is king”, and there have bee instances where this has been true. When it comes to retailers who are cash only or if you’re in a rush, sometimes paying with cash has its benefits. So when you are needing or taking out cash take out a little extra and use your at home piggy bank or your rainy day fund for the next time you need cash, you won’t have to go to the ATM.

So why should you have to pay for your own money? Learn from our tips, because we’ve learned from these financial mistakes already. What is the best way to avoid ATM fees, let us know in the comment section below.

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