How To Save Money On Winter Clothing


We’re going to assume that if you’re reading this, you’re already in the mental mood (and wallet-preparedness stage) to shop. Check out our following tips to help you save money while shopping for season-specific snow attire.

Check Your Current Closet…

This might look like a stupid suggestion, but with the amount of stuff the average person accumulates in one year, you might have something that already fits the bill. If you don’t, it still can’t hurt to look again. You might be able to initiate a clothing swap with friends. Clothing swap parties are becoming “a thing” and are apparently a ton of fun. Recycling anything is always good; saves money, your time & helps the planet. We’re 100% behind all of that.

Clothing swaps also work with your kids stuff. The rule of “before you buy” should also be applied to hand-me-downs for your own kids (but this probably goes without saying).


In Canada, we should be known for our layering prowess. It might be -25C outside, but inside it’s a static-inducing dry 20C. Instead of spending money on more sweaters, sweatshirts and blazers, see what you can recycle from your summer/spring/fall wardrobes. Layer, layer, layer to save money.

If You Have To Buy…


We just got super lucky near the GTA, as another huge outlet mall opened in the outskirts, so we know the power and draw of a good outlet mall. Buy in bulk and always (always!) sign up for their emailing list so you will always be up-to-date on even bigger bargains.


There is a beautiful world to be discovered in a consignment shop, and the good ones are often discovered by word of mouth. For more of the boutique-inclined, consignment shops can get you designer labels for outlet pricing. Sometimes, real gems are found – brand new items that were clearly just donated after being received. Who knows what you might walk away with from a consignment shop; a new fur coat, cashmere sweater or scarf perhaps. Nothing says winter indulgence like cashmere!

Online Shopping

Phew, couldn’t wait to get to this one. With more and more retailers popping up online, why go out and brave the cold when you can do all of your shopping inside at your computer? The only downside (and warning) we have with this one is you can’t try anything on. If you think you need to, put on your boots and head on out.

Some online retailers with low prices to help you save money include;

Please note that some of these websites, if you sign up, have monthly fees to offer lower pricing. Check to see if they have an “opt out” option that would have to be manually done each month, otherwise, your credit card would be charged and you would receive a “credit” for future purchases.

Go Beyond Clothes

If you plan on braving the elements a lot, consider SPF lip balm. If you’re going to be traveling a lot, winterize your car appropriately. If you think you might be getting hit with a snow storm (or a few) and loss of power is likely, prepare an emergency kit. Be ready for anything this season.
Now if you’ll excuse me, we will be in hibernation until Easter.


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