Shopping In The Digital Age


When it comes to shopping, you have more options than ever with the internet and our mobile devices constantly connected and only being a few clicks away. This means changes in the retail market have advanced and created new ways to shop. And if a store isn’t online, they’re behind and missing out big time. It’s one of the reasons why GoDay is an online company because in this market you need to be innovative and meet the needs of your customers.

As technology advances, so do our habits as a consumer. So what does this mean for retailers? Besides having to adapt to these changes, they need to be ready to provide not just products but also different services to meet these ever-changing needs. This includes everything from being able to upload pictures and interactive concepts, to different types of payment and e-commerce methods, all while being flexible with things such from the start of the process to the end including shipping and returning as well.

Some people may not realize how technology really has changed the shopping game as it didn’t happen all at once. This process was gradual and is constantly continuing to advance, creating more and more options for consumers. Everything from email promotions, to apps, to delivery and online exclusives, the way we shop online has become its own and a new, yet completely different customer experience while shopping for the same items you would normally purchase.

Some people may see this as a negative, but others have fully embraced it as our personalized customer experiences are continuing to grow. As a consumer, we want things that are personally relevant to us, and that is not something new. But the fact is we now expect this form of customer service because of these technological advances, and in the end, this is what creates a loyal customer base.

The goals for both customers and retailers remain the same, especially when it comes to customer service. There are now more channels to interact and engage with brands thanks to technology, from reviews to online portals and even social media.

As retailers try and nail down the shopping patterns of online and digital shoppers everywhere, there is always still the mall and retail stores everywhere, you will just have to leave your couch and physically go to them.

For some interesting statistics on the digital shopper, Business Insider created this infographic.

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