Blog Header April 24, 2015

Snark-Filled Money Thoughts We’ve All Had

Blog Header April 24, 2015

Money is so serious & we’ve all blown off steam about the stress it causes in one way, or another. The net has no shortage of snarky e-cards for any topic, but money in particular get a lot of attention. Some of what we saw was definitely NSFW, but what we did find we’re sure will give you a smirk, or two. Some you might even empathize with, because really, who wouldn’t want a little bit more of the green, pink and brown in their pocket (those are the colours of our $20, $50 $100 bills for any non-Canadian readers).

Take a quick mental break and enjoy a sarcastic Wednesday.

snarkmoney7 snarkmoney13 snarkmoney8 snarkmoney6 snarkmoney5 snarkmoney4 snarkmoney3 snarkmoney2 snarkmoney1 snarkmoney12 snarkmoney11 snarkmoney10 snarkmoney9

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