Staying Fit On A Budget

Staying Fit On A Budget

Tired of monthly gym fees? What about the expenses of a personal trainer? Getting or staying in shape can definitely cost you. Between the proper clothing, workout gear, yoga mats, and equipment, exercising can cost you. Now that spring has finally sprung and that means the sun is setting later and the nice summer weather is just around the corner. And with that nicer weather also means that people are going to start playing sports and exercising outdoors. Of course, with snow melted and bathing suit season upon us, now is a very popular time for people to switch up or start their exercise regimes. A lot of people dread the price tag of getting in shape, but that’s why we’ve created a go-to guide on how to stay fit on a budget because exercise doesn’t have to have monthly fees.

Get Outside

Now that the nice weather is here there is no excuse why you shouldn’t be getting outdoors! It also doesn’t cost you anything to go for walk or hike, or to create your own running path in your neighbourhood. There are so many great parks that are starting to bloom this time of year that your walks or runs will also have great views. You will start to see more and more people taking their running outside now that the weather is nicer, as a change of scenery can be the change you need to boost your personal exercise goals.


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Online Videos

We have already let you know about our favourite free online workout videos on YouTube, whether you’re looking for yoga, pilates, cardio or strength training, YouTube has an overwhelming amount of exercise resources available to you. There are also videos and programs like Insanity, P90X, and Zumba, that you can either pay for or find workouts just like it free online. With a little bit of research, you don’t have to be paying those giant gym fees or for workout videos.

Roll Mat

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If you do prefer a gym to get your exercising in, make sure you’re not paying premium fees. A lot of gyms offer discounted or trail rates for new members and these deals can be a good way to see if that gym is a good fit for you. Other people like to do workout classes as their form of exercise and as they become more popular, there are also introductory fees that can be beneficial to you. Make sure to check your local Groupon or source for online deals as you may be able to find awesome deals online for things like yoga, boot camp, spin, boxing, and any other type of workout you can think of.

Gym Workout

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We know it can be difficult to stay motivated when it comes to working out, but it doesn’t have to cost you. Remember that any form of exercise is better than doing no exercise at all, even if that is just going for a walk. Take advantage of your surroundings, like if you live in a condo most condos offer a free gym right in the building, so why would you pay for a gym when you have a free one at your expense? Customizing your workout and making it enjoyable is the best way you will stay committed and it doesn’t have to come with the price tag and monthly fees.

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