Top Ten Money Wasters We Hear About

Top Ten Money Wasters We Hear About

Top Ten Money Wasters We Hear About

Spending money is much easier than saving money. And a lot of the time we’re questioning where all of our money goes? Yes, there are the essentials like bills, kids, and other payments, but what about those everyday essentials? Have you done a budget audit to see where your money is going and how you could be saving more? We created a list of the top ten money wasters we hear about and how to stop wasting money on them.

  1. ATM Fees

With all of the bank locations and places that offer cash back, you should never be paying ATM fees. ATM fees are one of those charges that add up quickly, especially if you’re taking cash out multiple times a month.


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  1. Eating Out

We understand this one. There are some things you just can’t make yourself and the convenience factor of eating out is a big factor as well. Eating out is one of the most common things we hear that people wish they spent less money on. Schedule and take the time to meal prep and you will see how much easier eating in can be.

Eating Out

  1. Gym Membership

We don’t think gym memberships are a waste of money if you’re using it. But there are a lot of gym memberships that go unused! Gym memberships aren’t cheap and usually add up to a good sum in a one year span, so it is worth looking into how much you use your membership versus what you’re paying.

Gym Membership

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  1. Bank Fees

Why are you paying bank fees? There are numerous accounts and cards out there with every bank that you have options based on your financial situation. Do your research with your bank today, because you shouldn’t have to pay to have a bank account.

Bank Fees

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  1. Data Overages

We’ve all gone over our data limits before, as much as overage charges do apply, there are now a lot of rules in place so cell phone companies can’t gouge you for going over your limits. If you are finding you are constantly going over your data take a look at your current plan and see what else is out there, you may have better options with another company.

Data Overages

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  1. Coffee

We need our caffeine in the morning! But your morning coffee also comes at a price. Some people budget for their coffee fix, but for others it’s a luxury item. Say you get a $4 coffee five times a week, that’s $20 a week and not including weekends. Times that $20 by the four weeks in a month and you’re at $80 on coffee a month.


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  1. Lottery Tickets

It’s true, you won’t win the lottery if you don’t play, but there are limits to how much you should be spending on lottery tickets. Fun fact, you are more likely to be struck by lightning or date a supermodel then winning the lottery.

Lottery Tickets

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  1. Water

We’re talking about plastic one-time use water bottles. Not only are plastic water bottles not environmentally friendly, they can also be expensive. Water is free! And it is legal for restaurants to provide you with. So don’t waste money on plastic bottles, bring a reusable one with you!


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  1. Cable

Are you still paying an expensive cable bill? Why? With TV today, it’s all about streaming network services like Netflix and CraveTV. Do you really watch that much TV? We’re all for our favourite shows too, but there are much cheaper ways to watch all your favourite movies and shows.


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  1. Express Shipping

Shipping and handling costs definitely aren’t cheap. Depending on what you’re spending you may qualify for free shipping, but this is also the retailer’s way to get you to spend more. So when you shop online, do you take advantage of next day shipping? That express shipping can cost you and is definitely something you can save money on.

Express Shipping

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What is one of your top money wasters? Let us know in the comment section below.

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