A Payday Loan Can Actually Save You Money – Part II

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Last week, we covered one way a payday loan could save you a lot of money for a vacation. This week, we’re going to cover another way a short term loan can come in handy, specifically in a medical situations.


Medical Needs

Think back to a time where you became ill and you just couldn’t afford to. Whether you didn’t have insurance to cover your medical needs, or you ran out of sick days, you found yourself in a bind that put you behind financially by a few weeks, if not months.

These scenario’s happen all of the time. You get sick & need antibiotics that aren’t covered under your medical insurance, or, again, maybe you don’t have medical insurance.

Your credit card is maxed out and you don’t have the cash-flow to buy it. You could go over-limit on your credit card, but you know that not only will this negatively affect your credit rating, your over-limit fees will range between $25-$50 dollars!

Ew. Nobody wants a double-hitter like that.

Let’s pose the finances of this possible scenario. If you only need to borrow $100 for your meds, it’s worth the $21 fee from a payday loan verses, at minimum, a $25 over-limit fee on your credit card or  your bank account.

If you don’t have overdraft protection, you could be looking at, at the very least, a $40 NSF fee! In this case, borrowing $200 from a short term loan institution costs the same as your NSF fee, if not less (depending on the bank). And, in case of a payday loan, you have until your next payday to pay it back.

While you may be okay taking a fee hit on your credit card or your bank account, do you really want to ding your credit that badly?

Probably not.

Though we don’t wish medical emergencies on anything, this is exactly why we’re in business – to help out when all other options have been exhausted. And, more often than you’d think, we can actually save you money.

Check back next week for Part III of this series.

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