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Common Cents Wednesday: How To Limit Online Shopping

Common Cents Wednesday: How To Limit Online Shopping

Are you an online shopper? It’s very common for people to shop online without realizing how much they’re spending because the physical aspect is no longer there. Online shopping is now easier than ever and can also end up being the better deal compared to different retail stores. As fun as it may be to research and compare products, to make sure you’re not overspending online, we’ve created a checklist of things to watch out for to limit your online spending.

Shipping and Handling:

The ultimate cost that can make your great deal work out to regular price. Shipping and handling costs vary depending on where products are coming from, and how quickly you want your items to arrive. Most retailers will offer different specials or discounts such as spending a certain amount of money to get you to purchase more from them to qualify for free shipping and handling. It’s little things like this that makes your online purchases add up.


How many emails do you get in one day? And how many of those emails are promotional emails pushing sales or special deals? With retailers now tracking your clicks, views, and purchases, they know what products you are interested in and target you for custom email promotions. What is the solution from being bombarded with all of these ads? Unsubscribe. By unsubscribing from any email list, it is law that unless you re-subscribe, you cannot be contacted again. This will help keep the temptation of online shopping and promotions out of sight and out of mind.

Credit Card Information:

Always making sure that you are being cautious with your credit card information online is something everyone should aware of. But there are many sites that ask if you would like to keep your credit card information on file for future purchases. If you’re trying to curb your online shopping habits, don’t make these purchases and transactions as easy or convenient by having your card on file. Not to mention the security aspect of storing this kind of information, Credit Cards Canada offers many tips on how to keep your credit card safe online.

Impulse Purchases:

Free shipping? Promotional emails? Easy transactions? Everything we’ve discussed above are all factors that can lead to impulse purchases. Always ask yourself the question, do I need this, or do I want this? Of course, you can justify almost anything, but being realistic about your purchases is the first step to saving money. And just because it’s on sale with free shipping doesn’t mean you NEED to have it. Impulse purchasing whether at the grocery store or online is one of the leading contenders as to how people can get off budget. Limiting and being realistic with yourself will help with the impulse spending and help you save for what you really need.

What are your tips to limiting your online shopping habits? We want to know in the comment section below.

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