Happy Birthday/ Bonne Fête Canada!

Canada and the USA. What comes to mind when you think of these great countries? A gritty hockey game at the Olympics? Maybe even the war of 1812. How about our shared society, culture and related economy? Or, our almost-shared-happy-birthday-country-days? (really, they’re 2 days apart!).

We initially wanted to discuss the major differences between payday loans in Canada and the US, but an infographic contrasting even more of our differences seemed way more fun for the Friday before a holiday weekend (though, we touched upon a little bit of it in here)!

At GoDay.ca, we’re as beer-loving, maple-syrup pouring, hockey-loving, plaid-flannel wearing, Timmies drinking as they get. We also love stereotyping ourselves to prove how Canadian we really are.

Happy Birthday/ Bonne Fête Canada! We hope each of you have a safe & relaxing holiday weekend!

Want to help out our friends in Calgary affected by the flood? Head over to Tim Horton’s today and buy the “Alberta Rose” doughnut. All proceeds will go to helping the victims.


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