Ditch the Ramen – How to Eat Well On Less Part I

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How to Eat Well On Less & Save Money

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The “Ramen” craze isn’t just for college-aged kids who need to save money. One of the first budgets that Canadians whittle down on is their grocery list. Often times, whittling-down means compromising nutritional value.

Regardless of your pants or dress size, unhealthy choices can have negative, life-long effects. Canadian adults are becoming increasingly sedentary and, to make matters worse, often spend their hard-earned budgets on cheap food that’s fast because their time is as strapped as their budget.

The good news is that Ramen doesn’t have to be your life until you get closer to that second tax bracket. You might have to give up the processed foods a bit, but your waistline, arteries and heart, will thank you!

Part 1. Eggs – Learn to Love Them (if you don’t already)

Of course, skip this tip if you’re a vegan (but check back next week for vegan-friendly ideas!). Otherwise, learn to love eggs! These spherical wonders of nature are jam-packed with protein, are fast and simple to make and can be carted anywhere.

Whether they become a fundamental element of your breakfast, if you incorporate one or two as your daily snacks, or whether you add more omelet’s to your dinner repertoire, you’ll enjoy the energy an excellent egg will provide. And, they’re cheep! (we’re sooo clever).

dozens of eggs

A carton of 12 Jumbo-Sized eggs costs approximately $3.80 ,or .32c an egg! But, it can get even cheaper than that!

Yours truly is lucky enough to live near some free-range chicken farms and it’s worth the drive out when you can get 3 dozen eggs for the cost of 1 dozen from a grocery store.

Let’s do the math on that: .11 cents an egg. Eleven cents! Eggs don’t go bad quickly, either. Going to a farmer is a great idea if you share grocery costs with room mates or have a young family. And, if you think you can’t eat them fast enough, you can prepare them in a way that would freeze well.

To help get you started, are some healthy & quick egg recipes & preparation tips to make your intro to the egg world that much smoother:

Muffin Tins + Eggs = True Love

Use a muffin tin to make scrambled-egg muffins to-go! Simply pour your egg mixture into the muffin tin, bake at 350F for 15 min (or until solid in the middle) and voila, you have a healthy, cheap and portable breakfast or snack. Great mix-ins include cheese, tomato, basil, oregano, onions, peppers, olives – really whatever you wish! Mix it up every few days.

Hard-Boil so you can take your white gems on the go

Hard-boiling is your friend. On a Sunday evening, prepare a whole carton and place in snack-sized ziplock bags/containers for the whole week. Couple them with your favourite veggies and cheese slices for a well-rounded snack. In fact, you could even make a full meal out of it! Throw in some grapes or orange slices for a little dessert, too.

Omelet Whisk

Make omelet’s in advance & freeze them

This is basically the same thing as using a muffin tin, but grill it up the way you would if you were eating the meal right away…and then don’t. Let loose your inner Gordon Ramsey, and fold it up with your preferred contents inside (think of making a panzarotti the same way). Let it cool to room temperature and then place it in wax paper first, before putting it into a ziplock bag big enough to keep it, but not too big so it won’t wiggle it around, or lose it’s contents. Place it in the freezer and take it out when you need it.


Bake an egg in a scooped-out avocado

This is as simple as it sounds. When you’ve got a beautifully ripe avocado, cut it in half and scoop out the pit. Place the avocado open-side up in a round ramekin (or similar oven-save dish). Crack an egg and pour the contents into the scooped out hole. Bake at 325F for 15 min, or until you’ve reached the hardness of the egg you desire. This meal is loaded with essential fatty acids and protein and, like the egg-muffins, are portable and re-heat wonderfully!

Want more nutritional info? Check out this beautiful infographic from maisiaosiao.com!

Eggs-infographic maisiaosiao.com

Credit: maisiaosiao.com

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