How To Time Big Purchase Spending

How To Time Big Purchase Spending

How To Time Big Purchase Spending

Big purchases aren’t something that happens often, but when they do, they can be costly. They can also be unplanned which is where a lot of financial stress can stem from. But there are definitely situations, such as planning for big occasions such as a wedding or traveling that saving should be started early so it is easier on the wallet when the time comes. As much as you can’t plan for when your car is going to break down or for when your refrigerator is going to stop running, we give you the ways on how to maintain a budget all while financing large purchases.

Figure Out How Much You Need

Is it a down payment for a house? What about post-secondary education? No matter the situation, knowing how much money you need is the first step. Now everyone would say they always need more money, but the final total is not always on the price tag as shown. With large purchases there are usually other expenses that are also involved, warranties, insurance, interest, the list goes one, which is why you need to do your homework when it comes to establishing what your final total is so you can be realistic about your timeline.

Game Plan

Once you’ve established your total expenses, it may seem like an overwhelming amount at first. Which is why you need to have a “game plan” in place as to how you are going to reach these end financial goals. Is this what your emergency fund should be used for? Or is there something that you’re currently spending money on that can now be relocated to help save for this? Taking on overall look at your spending and finances both personally and with a professional can help give you the first steps as to how to move forward. Working with a professional, like a financial advisor or a mortgage broker, can help you set up a reasonable timeline based on your budget to make sure you are going to be successful with whatever financial situation.

Implementing Your Plan

You are going to want to see results with the financial plans and changes you just made, and there are plenty of ways to do this. Setting up a separate account is one of those ways. With a separate or dedicated bank account, you can visibly see where your money is going, how much is there, and how much more is needed to reach your goals. The little things like creating direct deposits bi-weekly or monthly to help move your money frequently to reach your financial goals is another way to create a timeline for your big purchases. Remember there are many ways you can save, but it’s saving successfully while still maintaining your everyday life is what will help you.

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