Turn Saving Money Into Game

Turn Saving Money Into Game

Turn Saving Money Into Game

When it comes to saving money, it can feel like a never-ending chore or a game you’re constantly losing. But instead of looking at your savings as a never ending ride, why not put a spin on saving money to make it more enjoyable. It’s about finding something that works for you, some people like to see their cash physically in their hands, and others like to watch the number in their bank account rise. This is why we’ve created a list of our personal favourite money savings games to give you a new way to save.

Spending Limit Challenge

This is exactly what it sounds like. Give yourself a limit each day, week, or month as to how much money you can spend. Be realistic with your goals, there are still bills to pay throughout this process, but by creating this limit for yourself you then begin to learn the things you can live without to help you save and you will be surprised at how quickly your money adds up when you only have a certain amount to spend.

Go Digital

We’ve already talked to you about our favourite budgeting apps to keep you on track when it comes to managing your finances on your phone. And apps like Mint and Unsplurge are easy ways to set specific savings goals and how to meet them. The best part about these apps are how user-friendly they are and they make money management feel like a game with the different savings levels you reach. Along with apps, make sure to utilize your online banking tools. Each bank has various tracking tools that can even be specific to what you are saving for. Mortgage? No problems, there’s a specific calculator tool for that. Want to see where your spending and how much? There are tools that help pool all your accounts together and break down your spending so you can see where you can start saving.

Rewards System

Just like any other loyalty rewards program, instead of spending money to receive a perk, this time, you are saving to receive a reward. An easy way to do this game is to set bench marks for yourself, for every $100, $500 or $1000 you save, you can reward yourself with something that you’ve recently cut out of your spending to reach those savings goals. This savings game gives you a goal to work towards and lets you also see results.

Give Something Up

As mentioned above, there may be things you need to give up for you to meet your savings goals. It can be something as little as your daily Starbucks, but until your reach your savings goal, that morning cup of joe is something that may have to be given up. It’s like being grounded until you save and meet your financial goals, and once you meet them you can then start having your Starbucks again.


One of the most popular savings games is the 52-week timeline challenge. Are you hoping to save a certain amount of money in one year? This challenge forces you to save weekly to meet that goal. The big thing to remember with the 52-week challenge is that saving has to be done every week if you put it off for one week, your total doubles for the next week and so on.

Looking for more money saving ideas? About Money has more creative and fun ways to help you save. Share your ideas in the comment section below.

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