Shopping Season Is Upon Us

Some would argue that it is always shopping season, but according to Business Insider, in 2016, there were some key dates that were determined to be the busiest shopping days of the year, only in the months of November and December. Are you surprised by this? Everyone knows the holidays are a big spending time for all, so have you started saving?

Retailers have also created these trends, as it shouldn’t come as a surprise anymore that holiday items are in stores with Halloween products these days. But you can always count on once it’s November 1, the holiday decorations are up in stores and the merchandise is out ready to be sold. And it won’t be long until the online and in-store holiday sales start happening.

If you get paid bi-weekly that means you only have four or five paychecks left until the holidays are here. And when you think about it that way, with all the regular expenses you already have, watching your bank account and spending habits are needed now more than ever.

That’s why with each paycheck for the next few weeks you should be creating your holiday spending account. Whether that’s taking out cash and putting in your piggy bank or moving more into your savings account each week, bulking up your budget for the holiday season is the key to being financially successful this holiday season.

Because everyone dreads the financial holiday hangover come January. Once the credit card bills plus the other normal expenses start to add up, we start to feel the effects shopping season has had. According to Canadian Living, statistics from 2015 showed us that the average person plans to spend $766 on gifts during the holiday season. About 27 percent will spend over $800, while 23 percent will spend $200 or less.

Remember that GoDay is here to help bridge the gap at this time of year, as it can be a financial squeeze trying to remember it all. So don’t let this holiday season be a financially stressed one and let us help you this shopping season.

So whether or not you’re ready, the biggest shopping season (or holiday season) is here and we hope your wallet is ready.


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