The Costs of “Treating Yourself”

Naturally, most people are much better spenders than we are savers. Especially when you’re putting purchases on credit cards compared to paying in cash and not physically seeing the impact of your spending. These guilty pleasure purchases have become a catchphrase that when you hear of someone “treating themselves”, the conversation usually follows up with something that was purchased that was not originally budgeted for but makes you happy.

But is there a limit when it comes to treating yourself? Definitely. And we don’t want to be the bearer of bad news, but your credit card bill will still come at the end of the month with those treated purchases added up. Everyone has their own way of treating themselves. For some people it’s coffee, for others it’s the latest gadget, and for some people, they like to splurge on something special for someone else.

But treating yourself to things often can have the same effects as spending because of a lack of planning (getting take out when there’s food in the fridge at home), falling out of budget and financial routine. Staying on track and treating yourself less often can help you save money towards the things you really want to do or buy, like that vacation you definitely deserve.

We’ve also discussed how retailers market and advertise their products to us, and one of those tactics is by wanting us to believe we’re worth it (which we are) and we should be spending money on ourselves. The most important thing to understand when it comes to treating yourself is the real cost of rewarding yourself so you can enjoy it, rather than feeling guilty later on about the purchase.

Most people also get into the “treat yourself” mentality when emotions are involved. Whether you’ve had a bad or stressful day, something to comfort you will make you feel better are our automatic thoughts. But try and focus on treating yourself in free ways instead by doing things that would normally make you happy or by putting a spin on something you regularly do. Go to the gym, call a friend, start a new TV show, have an at-home spa night. Regardless of what it is, you’re still putting you first which is the ultimate way of treating yourself.

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