Things You Forget to Budget for When on Vacation


When it comes to vacation time, the last thing you want to be stressing about is money. So when it comes to your travel budget, have you include all possible expenses? We created a list of some of the things people forget to budget for when on vacation.

The To and From

What’s the cost of getting to and from the airport to get you on your vacation? It could be anything from parking rates, to cab or Uber costs, transit is usually the cheapest route but will still end up costing you and these are only some of the ways you can start your vacation by going off budget. So make sure you’re not starting your vacation off by blowing your budget, make sure to include these costs in the planning stages.

Exchange Fees

Unless you’re travelling within your own country, look out for the costs of money! That’s right, not only can the exchange rate catch you off guard, but there can also be the costs of getting that money exchanged. Each country is different, but it can sometimes be worth it to wait and exchange money when you arrive in certain countries, but most of the time it’s better to have your funds ready for when you get to the country because they can cost a fortune to exchange, especially at local ATM’s.


Did you know there is a cost to get into some countries? Yes, that is a thing. But that is not the only admission we’re talking about. When it comes to attractions, there’s usually a cost of admission and things can add up quickly. When you’re travelling, of course, you want to see everything, but have you budgeted for the price of all of these things? Make sure to do your research before you reach your destination, you may be surprised at how attractions offer different types of packages and deals.

Data Bill

Especially when you’re on vacation you want to take pictures, post updates and show off what a great time you’re having. Not to mention apps like Google Maps and Uber can come in handy as well but have you accounted for how much data you’re using? Roaming charges on your cell are something people usually remember, but then they get carried away on their data thinking they’ve taken care of their phone.


Let’s not pretend you’re not bringing any souvenirs home because of course, you are! As much as we say we aren’t going to shop, something will catch our eye and just like that you’ve now gone over budget. It’s usually those unexpected impulse purchases that usually get us, so try to be cautious and of course a smart shopper when being a tourist.

What are the things you’ve forgotten to budget for on vacation? Let us know in the comment section below.

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