Four Tricks Retailers Use To Make You Spend Money


When it comes to shopping, it is our guilty pleasure. But we know the difference between wants and needs and have learned the tricks when it comes to saving money. That’s why we’re giving you the inside scoop on how retailers “make” you spend money and how you can avoid falling into the retailer spending trap.

The Pricey Items Are At Eye Level

Have you ever noticed how big retails shelves can be? Especially at a grocery store, there is always more than one brand of the same product. And these brands pay for that prime shelf spot. Because their products are the one featured right at eye level, they are the ones you see and recognize first. They are also usually the more expensive product. So next time you’re grocery shopping make sure to look up or down when shopping, you never know how much you can save by going with the no-name brand option.


Giant red sale signs are a great way to drive traffic into a store. And by doing this, retailers are hoping that you will act urgently and that you will also shop non-sale items while in the store. We’re a sucker for a good sale, but remember, it is only a good sale if you really need it and not just because it was a good deal.

Types Of Sales

All retailers are guilty of this. You can find it on clothing, home goods and even at the grocery store. Those buy one, get one sales, extra percentage off deals and those giant signs in the window letting you know that the entire store is on sale are all big draws for anyone trying to save money. Retailers want to let you know how great their deals are, so make sure you know what kinds of deals the store offers to make sure you’re getting the best one.

Free Shipping

We’ve talked about the costs of shipping and handling before, and how retailers use free shipping to get you to purchase their items. Of course, I want things coming straight to my doorstep, who doesn’t! But there’s usually a catch. There are peak times where some brands will actually offer free shipping and that’s when you should take advantage, but most of the time, to qualify for free shipping you have to spend a certain amount of money. And that’s how retailers get you to spend more because no one wants to pay for shipping. Something else to watch for when it comes to online shopping is where are your products coming from? Free shipping is great, but the fine print may not include the duty or conversion rates that also apply when having things shipped from different countries.

Now you know what to watch out for next time you’re shopping! What are your shopping tips and tricks? Let us know in the comment section below.

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