I Got A Payday Loan – Part I

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It’s confession time: As the voice for online payday lender GoDay.ca, I found myself feeling a little bit hypocritical – here I am, writing to our audience every single week without even the remote idea what it feels like to have to apply for a payday loan.

So, perhaps calling myself out online is not the best way to muster credibility but I’m hoping my humble appeal to our readers will gather it anyways. With the option of keeping it a secret always present, or even the option of deception, I chose not to do either but to go the investigative blogger route.

Step 1. Do I really need one?

Truth be told, I wasn’t in dire need, but I could see a possible cash-flow reduction between now and payday on the horizon. There was a bill I definitely was a bit worried about and I thought, “let’s get a jump on this sucker”.

Despite knowing I could be approved for whatever I asked, I made a note to the payday loan officer who would be dealing with my request that I didn’t want something so large that it would “put me into panic mode” but large enough that it would affect my budgeting-abilities. “Treat my application like everyone else’s”.

I may not have been between a rock and a hard place financially, but emergencies happen and I feel a lot better knowing I have a little extra room even after paying off the bill early. With more and more Canadians depending on credit over cash-flow, I was happy I had chosen a way to not be part of that growing statistic. 

Step 2. Courage is involved.

Asking for money is hard. We have all experienced the combination of pride and fear, spiking our gut with little needles of uncertainty, and this was only different in my experience this time around for one reason – I knew the person I was asking. I didn’t have the comfort of being unknown, woah boy, was I known. Yet, upon reflection, I knew that once it was over, the worst of it would be, too. I knew my information would be safe, and I certainly trusted that the payday loan officer handling my request wouldn’t view me any differently. Staring that uncertainty in the face was empowering.

There was so much to gain by going through with it that I soon accepted that my worries were irrational. 

Step 3. Apply & Get Your Money!

Within an hour of my request being processed, I saw funds in my account. The feeling of relief, despite not being hard-pressed, was undeniably powerful. How many of us are fortunate enough to not worry about money at all? Whenever there’s more, it helps the burden, no matter how little it is.

Yes, this may be an advance on my pay, but I had it now. When the time comes to re-pay it, I’ll have a bit more cash flow so I’ll barely miss it. Not to mention, paying a bill early is always a great feeling!

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