Surprise Cost Of Home Renovations

There are many things in life that can happen unexpectedly and the surprise cost of home renovations is one of them. When it comes to doing home renovations, it’s easy to know what you want (who else has their Pinterest Boards ready), but there are times that you may also be caught off guard with any unexpected maintenance issues that always seem to happen at the worst time. It’s in the unexpected times that home renovations come up that people need more financial support and GoDay’s online payday loans are here to help get them through the initial costs of what home renovations can be.

Be Proactive, Not Reactive

Is the washing machine making a funny noise? Or is the drain in the bathroom getting more clogged by the day? Are you worried about a flood in your basement after a big storm? Has your refridgerator stopped refridgerating? Are you worried about what the mechanic is going to say everytime you take your car to the shop? The list continues. When it comes to the upkeep and maintenance of your home, it is better to be on top of things when you first notice them rather than waiting till things get worse. Because that clogged drain can also lead to flooding pipes, dealing with issues when first brought to light can also save you money. It’s when the professionals need to be called in and things are in their worst state do you end up spending a lot more money to get the job done and repair any damage there may be. It is because of maintenance issues like these that often lead to full renovations being needed which can come as a big surprise to you and your wallet.

It’s Not Always What You See On TV

What is your favourite home renovation show? We can’t even name all of our favourites on HGTV because there are so many out there now and they often have the same premise. There’s always a problem with the house that needs some work and within 30 minutes the renovation will completely transform the house in one whole episode. During home renovation television shows, some homeowners will put their skills to the test and help out with the home renovations, tearing down drywall, or sawing some plywood, or laying down floor tiles for the renovation itself. What you don’t see is the behind the scenes work of the team of contractors thanks to the television show watching the homeowners every move and helping along the way. So when it comes to attempting your own home renovations, you must assess your own skills and what you’re capable of doing yourself. In reality (as much as reality TV may seem like reality) home renovations are a lot of work and they involve project assessment in order to determine the right course of action for what needs to be done in your home.

Renovations Aren’t a DIY Project

As much as we love a good DIY project and our home inspired Pinterest boards, when it comes to renovations, they are not the time to experiment with your latest tools or ideas. But as we discussed above, home renovation shows are not realistic because they give homeowners the expectation that their DIY projects are manageable when in fact, they’re not as easy or affordable as they look on tv. In reality, home renovations are a lot of work and they involve project assessment in order to determine the right course of action during the project. Not only that, but something could go wrong along the way, which is why home renovations should be left to the professionals. Home renovations require time, planning, and an understanding of how to handle a problem if something goes wrong and ultimate expertise in the renovation itself. Not only that, but something could go wrong along the way, which is why home renovations should be left to the professionals. Homeowners often don’t have the knowledge to manage a home renovation the same way a contractor or expert does.

Plan Your Timing and Spending Accordingly

Home renovations take time to complete. And in order to make a realistic budget for your own project, do research before you commit to a number. And as much as we wish those renovations can be completed in under an hour like we see in our favourite television shows, they set up false expectations when it comes to timelines. The reality is home renovations require both time and planning by an experienced contractor. The same goes for DIY home renovations. Before you get started on your own renovations, draw up a timeline with the contractor so you’ll know what to expect. This will give you a baseline for discussion if things take longer than expected. And as they say time is money, so make sure you budget for having the contractor’s and professionals going overtime or being prepared for unforeseen hiccups along the way. Because rushing the project can lead to sacrificed workmanship, causing problems with the finished renovation and in the end, not money well spent.

Have you thought about how you’ll be paying for these renovations? Sometimes they are planned for, but there are times where you can’t predict what is going to happen in your home. If this is something you’ve been planning for, saving a sizable chunk of the money in advance is your best option. A high-interest savings account inside a TFSA can be a good place to stash your cash for times like this. But when it comes to having to do renovations on the fly, this is where your emergency fund or we can step in to help. It is when unexpected financial strains happen that people turn to GoDay. So in the case of unplanned home renovations, people don’t always have the cash readily available and don’t know where to turn.

Are you planning on doing any home renovations soon? Let us know how you’ve budgeted for them in the comment section below.

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