The Differences Between Brand Name and Generic Labels?

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We all know the infamous brand names and have most likely purchased many of their items. Whether it is clothing, food, or even drug store items, there are brand name and generic label items for almost anything you could think about purchasing. So what are the differences between brand names and the generic brand? We list off five of the differences you can find between the two and let you know which one is worth the money.

  1. Price

It’s no surprise that when comparing two items on a shelf, one of those items has a lower price tag, but why? Especially at a grocery store or drug store, there is always more than one brand of the same product.  And it’s because these brands pay for a prime shelf spot, usually at eye level. So next time you’re shopping make sure to look up or down when because you never know how much you can save by going with the no-name brand option.

  1. Marketing

That prime shelf spot in stores we just mentioned above, that comes from marketing. And when you bay to have different products marketed you’re building your brand name and making it more recognizable for people in hopes they will purchase that product. Depending on the brand, most generic labels don’t get marketed the same way a brand name would which is why it is on a different part of the shelf and has a different price point.

  1. Ingredients

The best way to determine the better product for you is to compare the ingredients list and analyze the differences between the brand name item and a generic brand. For the most part, there are usually only subtle differences, but when it comes to things like medicine and food you want to be sure about what you’re ingesting. There is a difference between Coke and Pepsi remember!

  1. Quality

When it comes to items like clothing or beauty products, this is where brand names make a huge difference when it comes to all of the things listed above. For example, you can purchase mascara at a high price point and you will have seen it promoted in numerous beauty magazines and when you compare the ingredients to another mascara, chances are there will be quite a few differences. The same goes for the quality of clothing? What is it made out of? Will the materials hold when washed? The quality of the product plays a major role in how you’re spending your money, because those cheaper items may not be worth spending any cash on if you’re not getting your money’s worth.

Are you a brand name or generic label shopper? Let us know your preference in the comment section below.

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