Direct Payday Loan Lenders VS Indirect Payday Loan Lenders

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There are a variety of online payday loan sites to choose from in Canada. If you’re shopping around for a short term loan right now, you’re probably drowning in a sea of ads that promise you this, that & the other just to apply with them. If you’re searching for solely an online payday loan lender (like us) sorting out direct lenders from indirect lenders can be a bit frustrating.

What do we mean by direct and indirect lenders? Let us know if the following scenario sounds familiar.

You Google “payday loans onlineand suddenly, you’re like a bride-to-be at a wedding show – everyone’s vying for your attention. There’s selection after selection. Some, you recognize. Others, you don’t. Depending on what your particular criteria are for needing this loan, you’ll sort through and find a match that seems to be secure and legitimate. Fantastic, you think. You click the big bright APPLY button and fill out the application and wait a few moments.

Perhaps a few things have been swirling in your head while you wait for your application to process. Did you see a provincial payday loan license appear before you applied? If so, was it up to date? Did you think to do a phone number & address check for the company name?

Then, something on your screen appears that you were not expecting. Remember, an application process should be well explained on a payday loan company‘s website or elsewhere in their educational literature. If this is not what you expected, you’re probably wondering what happened. Chances are you’ve just applied to an indirect payday loan lending site.

These indirect lending sites are essentially application generators that sell your application to the highest bidder. The risk that exists with these indirect payday loan sites is that any company, whether they are licensed or not, could possibly bid on your application and have access to all of the information you submitted. Additionally, since you might not know where you’re being sent, you could experience less-than-personal customer support, higher fees and interest than you might have originally been drawn to, delays in getting your funds, oh and let’s not forget, the possibility of dealing with an unlicensed lender!

Direct payday loan sites are, well, just that. If you’re applying at, you’re dealing with 100% staff, policies & fees. You will know your full terms and conditions before “e-signing” anything. If you’re applying with Money Mart or Cash Store online, you’re dealing with 100% their staff, policies & fees. You’re safest bet is to choose a direct lender like us, since you can check for yourself whether we’re compliant with payday loan laws or not right on our own website.

There’s an important variation on the experience you will have with a direct lender, however, that may seem similar to an experience with an indirect lender. This experience arises when the direct lender you applied with unfortunately cannot serve you at that time, due to whatever factor(s) lead to the decline.

Some companies will offer to match you with another certified lender absolutely free, to save you time and effort. The difference between this match-up and the indirect lending match-up is that the direct lender who declined you will tell you who they can match you with before they do so. Additionally, you have to give consent to this action being done. Every step of the path is highlighted well for you by way of this method.

So, when you’re hunting online for a payday loan, avoid the fuss – just go to a direct lender like We’ll tell you everything you need to know about your loan up-front & answer any questions you have before you sign. There’s nothing to hide. If you’re ready, come get a  fuss-free loan with us today!

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